ECOS 2016

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Enjoy a relaxing walk in the grounds of the Lipica Stud Farm accompanied by a friendly guide.

Get to know the cradle of the Lipizzaners - one of the oldest stud farms in the world with a tradition dating back to 1580! Visit the »on Borjača« stables where the white mares take care of their dark foals. Admire the historical centre of the stud farm and its oldest stable, Velbanca. Find out everything about Lipica and the Lipizzaner in the interactive Lipikum museum. A special experience is also the morning departure of the mares and foals to the pastures.



TUESDAY 21st of JUNE 2016 LIPICA STUD FARM & HRASTOVLJE VILLAGE (half day bus/walking tour)

(last bookings till Sunday 19th of June at Bernardin hotel 1:00-3:30 PM REGISTRATION)

Departure: 8:30 AM at the hotel Bernardin and Ville Park

Your tour begins as you board your motorcoach for a scenic drive to Lipica Stud Farm near the Italian border. En route, you'll travel through limestone hills dotted with vineyards, orchards and olive groves.

Founded in 1580, the Lipica Stud Farm has bred prized Lipizzaner horses for over four centuries. Following World War II, the Lipica Stud Farm formed its own riding academy.

The Lipizzaner breed originally derives from the cross breeding of Andalusian, Neapolitan, and native Slovenian horses. They're most commonly associated with Vienna's Spanish Riding Academy, founded in 1572 to provide training for the Hapsburg nobility and its cavalry.

Upon arriving at the farm, you'll embark on a walking tour and view its studs. You'll attend an exclusive horse show featuring prized Lipizzaner stallions performing haute ecole classical dressage, including the aerial maneuvers known as "Airs Above the Ground." If your tour operates in the morning, you will be treated to a training session.

Your tour concludes with a visit to the Church of the Holy Trinity, a 15th-century church in the village of Hrastovlje, renowned for its frescoes depicting the Danse Macabre, the "Dance of Death." On the edge of Hrastovlje, among vineyards and olive trees you will spot a stone wall above which a bell tower of the church of the Holy Trinity peeks. The church was built in the 15th century and the wall with two defence towers (for protection against Turk invaders) were built about 100 years after. The architecture of the church is very interesting - both walls and roof are made of stone. The church itself is quite small, but it boasts with the greatest and best preserved frescoes in Slovenia.


Excursion length: 5 hours
Max. group size: 49

Meeting point: at the hotel Bernardin and hotel Ville Park
Price: 49€ p.p.

Price includes: professional English speaking guide, transportation, guided tours, entrance to Lipica stud farm, entrance fee to the church of the Holy Trinity, parking fees and taxes.

For bookings and information please call +386 5 6625470 or send an email #EM#65626d70363537314860647f69616b6464703c707b78#EM#.